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pShooter is a first person shooting game, and probably the best iPhone game ever made. In this game, YOU pick the target. Annoyed at your friend, colleague, teacher or family? Cut their face from a picture on your phone, and serve virtual justice. Score to Settle?! There's an App for that!
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Since the introduction of the app store in 2007, the app market has exploded, with millions of downloads every single day. While many of these apps are designed to increase productivity, by far the largest, and most popular type of app for the iOS are the games.

A recent study conducted by the gadget show proved that iPhone games like angry birds are far more engaging than many of the big budget games designed for consoles such as the xbox or playstation. It is, therefore, no surprise that iPhone games are well known productivity killers.

Well the app store's ongoing war on productivity has a new weapon in its arsenal, in the form of pShooter.

pShooter is a space simulation, first person shooting game, with a difference. The thing that sets pShooter aside from other, run-of-the-mill, shooting games is that pShooter allows you to select your own target. You do this by simply selecting a photograph from your iPhone or iPod's memory and positioning someone's face within the given boundaries. pShooter will then enter that face into the simulation for you to shoot at to your hearts content.

There is no limit to the number of levels on pShooter, the game simply gets harder every time you go up a level. See how far you can get and share your best scores with the pShooter community on facebook (search facebook for pShooter) or twitter (@pShooterApp).

So next time you have a fall out with a friend or family member, use the best iphone game on the app store to get a little digital stress relief.

App Store Reviews

BEST GAME EVER!!!! - ★★★★★
By Cameron Lloyd
This game is awesome!
Awesome game - ★★★★★
By Gunbo1991
Really enjoyed playing this game! Great for the price! Will definitely recommend!!
Really fun game!! - ★★★★★
By sarah1010100101010
Really fun and worth it for only 69p. Definately recommend to anyone.
Great little game - ★★★★★
By Hurricane Tyson
Fantastic little game :) I allways wanted To shoot Robert patterson

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